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Need A Car? Get Pre-Approved Today and Drive Home with a High-Quality Vehicle from McGee Motor CarsOk. We have a bit of an automobile horror story. We knew of a guy. He went to purchase a vehicle in Pembroke, MA. But there was a problem. His credit wasn't good. And it wasn't entirely his fault. COVID happened, and it wrecked a lot of people's finances. So, he was recovering from that. Yet, he still needed a car.

His finance applications were rejected repeatedly until he finally had to pay for a rideshare service. He basically paid a car note's worth of rideshare fees each month. If you're in a similar situation and afraid to apply for auto financing, you don't have to be. At McGee Motor Cars, we're here to help. No matter your credit background.

No Worries, We'll Handle it

If you've paid for rideshare services in Marshfield or Pembroke, MA, you know those fees can add up quickly. Or if you've had to borrow a friend's or family member's vehicle, that will only last so long until they need it back. We're here to tell you something.

You can submit an online finance application with no impact on your credit. This free process will get you pre-approved for financing and place the burden of finding a lender on our shoulders. We've seen folks with less than stellar credit get the keys to a pre-owned vehicle the same day. All it takes is a minute or so to submit your information. And then, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, you're pre-approved.

Almost all applicants are accepted. And even better, we have plenty of options that can suit many different budgets. Vehicles under $10k, cars under $20k, and even more under $30k. If you need a high-quality automobile for your commutes in Hanover or Norwell, MA, we've got you covered. If you've got a few minutes, then you can get a pre-owned car. It's that simple.

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Leave the horror stories for the big screen in Quincy, MA. At McGee Motor Cars, we work with you to help get a lender that can match your financial needs. There's nothing like having a team of experts that will have your back. Start the process today and see what we can do for you. We're here to help. Not create horror stories.