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Value Your Trade-In at McGee Motor Cars in Pembroke, MA

There's a lot that goes into any car purchase. From the interest rates you qualify for with the loan you're securing to whatever your trade-in's value is, all kinds of factors can lead to a successful purchase of the perfect pre-owned vehicle here at our Pembroke, MA used car dealership. A huge factor is with any outgoing vehicle you're using as a trade-in, as that will reduce the cost of the used car, truck or SUV you're buying from us. It even lowers pesky added costs that come from sales taxes and the interest accumulated on your initial loan. With that in mind, value your trade-in using this simple online form, then we'll arrange a quick but thorough appraisal here near Marshfield and Quincy, MA.

How Does Your Trade-In Help You Save?

Obviously whatever we offer for your trade-in - an offer you can either choose to accept or walk away from - will lower the cost of your next used car by that much. But if you pay close attention, you'll see how this process can really help to lower those pesky added costs that come through sales taxes and interest. You're only on the hook to pay sales taxes on the difference between the cost of your next used car and the value of your trade-in. Similarly, by lowering the total cost of your pre-owned purchase with a trade-in, you'll spend less in interest over the term of your loan. For buying any kind of new or used vehicle, it often surprises shoppers how much interest and sales taxes can add up, so using a trade-in to mitigate those added costs can really help you out.

Start Our Easy Trade-In Process

Ready to get started? The first step is to fill out the form included on this page. We use the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value for any vehicle being shopped here, ensuring you'll receive a fair market value offer. After you input your car's information, including its VIN, make, model, model year, mileage, overall condition and other facts, we'll arrange a quick appraisal here in Pembroke. With our expert service techs conducting a thorough appraisal we'll ensure your car - if it sounds like we're interested - can earn as much as it should based on its KBB value.

After our quick yet thorough appraisal, we'll then make you an offer. You can choose to accept or reject our offer, and we won't pressure you if you're trying to get more by selling it or trading it in elsewhere around Hanover or Norwell, MA. From there, should you accept our offer, you can then choose whether to simply sell to us and get paid, or use your outgoing ride as a trade-in, which of course has the benefits we listed above.

Sell Us Your Car in Pembroke Today!

We just mentioned you'll have a couple options if you accept our offer for your outgoing ride. Using that value toward your next used vehicle purchase obviously has some benefits and will help you save. But you may not be in the market for a vehicle or any of our specific pre-owned options. With that in mind, we'll buy from you even if you're not shopping here. If you have an extra vehicle in your family's fleet, unloading one for some quick cash can be a great way to go. You'll go through the same easy process as you would for trading in your outgoing ride, all while we'll set you up with a check if you accept our offer and you can use that money for whatever you need it for.

Value your trade-in here at McGee Motor Cars in Pembroke today and see how easy this process can be.